Check-in before you check-out

Do you make online purchases that you regret later? Carrot will help you reduce spending on things you don’t really want, while helping you save for the things in life that really matter to you. 

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Achieve YOUR goals!

Working towards your long-term financial goals is much more rewarding than making impulsive buys.

Travel the world

Tempted to spend $20 on that DVD box that’s probably just going to sit on your shelf? Or do you want to set that money aside towards taking that well earned holiday in Portugal?

Get rid of debt

One click away from spending $100 on another pair of jeans? You know, using this money to pay off your credit card debt could save you almost $500* in the long run.
*based on average credit card interest rates over a 10 year period.

Retire in style

Is that $1000 smart-TV sitting comfortably in your shopping cart? Think about it this way; puting this money in a pension instead could mean you have $16,310* to enjoy in your retirement.
*based on 7% annual investment return over a 40 year period.

The average household credit card debt is more than $15,000. Over fifteen years, this would cost the consumer around $180.000 – enough to pay for a median American house in cash!*

*based on current average credit card interest rate of 16%

What can YOU save?
What are you about to spend?
What term?

By not buying this you could save $[field6] in [field7] years for your carrot!

By not buying this you could save $[field8] at retirement!

Name of the term = [field7]


Only about half of regrettable purchases are returned. That means the other half just disappears into the dusty corners of your attic. And even if you do return them, isn’t it nicer not to have to go through all that hassle?

Moving the candy jar…

Did you know that if you put your candy jar ten feet away, you will eat less candy than if you were to put the jar next to you on the table?

You probably do, but the reason may surprise you: walking that extra few feet lets you think about whether you really want another treat. You’d be surprised how often that extra bit of time makes you reconsider. 

…using carrots.

Carrot does the same thing; by letting you think just a few seconds longer and reminding you of your long-term financial goals (your ‘carrots’), you can rethink the purchase you’re about to make. And we bet that often you will change your mind and feel good about it too.

Who wouldn’t feel proud about getting a step closer to becoming debt-free or being able to afford your dream wedding?

How does it work?

Installing and using Carrot is incredibly simple. Just follow these easy steps and you’re on your way to spending your money on things you actually want.

1Go to the Chrome store via this link and click ‘Add to Chrome’ to download the Carrot tool

2Open the extension by clicking on the Carrot logo at the top right of the browser. Think about the things you really want and what they cost – these are your carrots. Enter your carrots in the popup and click save.

3You are now using Carrot! The next time you’re at an online checkout you will be reminded of your priorities.

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